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Ocean Prep Services

"Just a note to thank you for HUMCO's efficient, courteous, and expeditious handling of matters relating to my automobile. You picked it up promptly, removed my catalytic converter, got it to the port with remarkable speed and professional know-how."

Lagos, Nigeria

As specialists in the field of overseas transportation, HUMCO, INC. realizes that proper preparation of the vehicle prior to shipment is critical. In areas of the world where unleaded gasoline is unavailable, it is imperative that the catalytic converter be removed. This is because continued use of leaded gasoline will, in a short period of time, destroy the catalyst and cause loss of power, performance, and/or irreparable damage to your engine. Further, the expensive paints and finishes on most automobiles require protection from the caustic sea salts and acid rain that will normally be encountered during shipment and storage at overseas ports. (Prices are subject to change without notice)

Outbound Ocean Prep Service Plan A ($400 For Most Vehicles)

  • Catalytic Converter removal
  • Catalytic Converter Storage
  • Intake system and corrosion protection
  • Fluid level Inspection

Outbound Ocean Prep Service Plan B ($120)

  • Exterior paint protection
  • Intake system and corrosion protection
  • Fluid level inspection

Outbound Ocean Prep Service Plan C ($480 For Most Vehicles)

  • Includes the complete package of Plans A and B

The following outline details the service options available to you:

    Catalytic Converter Removal: When going to areas of the world where compatible fuel is not available. replacement with exhaust pipe and fittings precisely designed and installed at our facility. A Fuel Filler Restrictor By Pass Adapter will allow your automobile to accept leaded gasoline without unnecessary destruction to the existing Fuel Filler Restrictor Inlet. Your vehicle will be capable of using all types of gasoline outside of the United States. (Failure to remove the Catalytic Converter in such cases can result in substantial and permanent damage to your engine.)

    Converter Storage: Catalytic converter storage is available for a three year time period unless otherwise requested - at no additional charge.

    Exterior Paint and Metal Protection: Exterior washing followed by a fine misting of Tectyl which is applied to protect your car's finish against acid rain, caustic sea salt at the corrosive elements normally encountered during overseas transit and storage at docks, piers, and packing houses. (When dry, this substance can be easily removed properly with no harm to the vehicle's finish. Instructions are provided.)

    Intake System and Corrosion Protection: The addition of a fuel stabilizer that will prevent gum and resin deposits from forming in the intake system and the coating of battery terminals and protection to prevent corrosion.

    Fluid Level Inspection: Checking of motor oil, coolant levels, and automatic transmission fluid prior to shipping. Additions made if required.

HUMCO Inbound Ocean Prep Service

For vehicles returning to the U.S., Inbound Ocean Prep Service is available. This cost effecient service includes:

  • A certified tally and exception inspection report provided for your protection
  • Replacement of catalytic converter if equipment is accompanying the vehicle or is being stored by HUMCO

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